About Us

Clean Supplements was created to meet the ongoing and growing requirement by athletes (and others) for clean supplements.

Bruce Bonner, a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, works with many amateur and professional athletes and their families. Having been in private practice for over 15 years he understands the growing concern about what they are taking for training.

  •     Understanding of what is in the supplement – no banned substances
  •     No artificial sweeteners, colours and dyes, and generally less chemicals. More natural.
  •     All of the above while still being an effective product

He also heard from many of his clients, athletes and non-athletes alike, that the choice in the supplement market can be overwhelming. What do you choose? How do you know a quality product or not without having to buy and try lots of products?

To address these needs in particular, Clean Supplements was created. Supplements are an investment in your health and like all investments you want to make wise ones.

Each product has been reviewed, researched, and selected to meet and exceed the criteria established by Clean Supplements. These are the products you will find on CleanSupplements.ca, products you can trust.

The supplements on the site have been hand selected to meet the following criteria:

  •     Quality natural ingredients
  •     Effective. Used by myself, clients, colleagues, family or friends with desired results.
  •     Value. Excellent price for best quality product.
  •     Exceptional shopping experience. Your purchase is easy, seamless and with timely delivery.

We look forward to making CleanSupplements.ca your online supplement destination!