Genethix Prep Time Bars


The Perfect Bar Before Training!

Before training or competition, an appropriate diet is a key performance factor for elite athletes. Whatever your sport, you need to prepare your body and boost your energy to maximum levels. GenEthix’s PREPTIME bar provides that extra boost. PREPTIME contains key ingredients that will ensure optimal results. Furthermore, it contains specific nutrients that promote concentration and alertness during physical exercise. PREPTIME will help you to reach your training goals or your desired performance in the best of conditions!

PREPTIME has been specifically developed to improve your performance. Its special formula contains high-quality proteins acting as energy substrates for intense and long-lasting exertion, when glycogen supplies have been depleted. PREPTIME provides the following benefits:

  • Increases available energy for future exertion
  • Supports muscular metabolism
  • Improves mental concentration
  • Improves mental performances

PREPTIME is manufactured in a facility that complies with GMP standards, which makes it a safe dietary supplement for all professional and elite athletes. It contains no gluten, no GMO and no artificial sugar. As opposed to low-temperature prepared supplements, PREPTIME is a superior quality bar, developed through an innovative process that does not alter the nutritional value of proteins and amino acids.


Box Contains 12 x (20 gram) bars

Directions for use

Take one bar 30 minutes before training. Also a great meal replacement bar.